It’s all about Passion!


When I was little, I wrote passionate letters to my idols Enzo Maiorca and Jacques Majol. When I grew up, I realized my dream and I met them. First question: why have you never answered me?

From an early age, I aimed high: my dream was to become a great ambassador and soon after win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Like many of my peers, as a child I dreamed of playing in the final of football worldcup. Instead… I ended up performing in a quite different field!

I never had any doubts: my dream was to twirl, even without wings and with my feet on the ground. This is why I realized my dream: to become a dancer.

When I was little, I didn’t miss any of the Apollo missions on TV. Of course, my dream was to go to space. Today, new technologies give me great hope that this can happen.

As a child I wanted to become like my father: defend the weak, take care of people. I hope to resemble him at least a little.

As a child I was frail and light, I seemed destined to be a dancer. On New Year’s Eve, one of my passions was to watch the famous concert on TV and dream of being on that stage dancing.

My passion has always been travels. As a child I dreamed of becoming an explorer and when I was just about 30 years old this became true thanks to 18 unforgettable months on a sailing boat.

When I was a child, my father used to take me to basketball games, this is how I’ve learned that good planning, commitment and teamwork are the main ingredients of success.