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Touch the bottom to win the gold

He challenged the laws of nature and turned his life into a constant quest to overcome his limits. We are all capable of breathing, but he has transformed it into an exceptional act, thanks to lungs that are certainly uncommon. A great passion for water, a spirit always in search of depth and a soul striving towards freedom which, whenever possible, finds itself swimming among dolphins. Records and medals, in his long and incredible career, cannot be counted. The challenges have been many, the victories have brought him to the top step of the podium several times, in a constant escalation. Today he is a journalist and television reporter for the scientific diffusion of the marine environment. He is a professor at the Scuola Normale of Pisa and also at the Consorzio Universitario of Trapani. He founded a school where he teaches all the tricks of his sport and supports scientific research related to it.



“When I was little, I wrote passionate letters to my idols Enzo Maiorca and Jacques Majol. When I grew up, I realized my dream and I met them. First question: why have you never answered me?”