speaker sf

A scientific artist of happiness

Italian heart and American pragmatism: many of the successes of this child with a Beatles-like haircut, are to be found in his Italian-American origins. His curriculum is best told point by point, as he has overcome a number of considerable challenges and has achieved great results, simply with the strength of a smile.
He made a purpose of finding happiness every day to such an extent that today he has transformed it into a subject of study at the Florida International University and other prestigious European institutions. Professional consultant and passionate about international hotels, he has also collaborated with important brands such as Illy Caffè and Expedia. Furthermore, he has worked on subjects such as creativity, consciousness awareness (and knowledge) of ourselves: these are the foundations of his theory, but also the key words that guide and inspire his daily life and his work challenges.



“From an early age, I aimed high: my dream was to become a great ambassador and soon after win the Nobel Peace Prize.”