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The finance scorer

Born in 1960 in Lugano, a proud “Ticinese”, illustrious bearer of the Swiss flag and citizen of the world, today he is one of the most famous personalities of our country. Those who know him appreciate his humanity and brilliance. As for the world of finance, it has elected him into his society thanks to an impeccable curriculum that boasts a specialization at Oxford and, above all, his professional skills. Following his father’s footsteps, he started his long career first as an apprentice in Lugano without ever forgetting fundamental values such as family and health. A passionate Milan supporter, with a discreet charm and born leadership, his middle name is Pietro. We bet you have already figured out who this is?




“Like many of my peers, as a child I dreamed of playing in the final of football worldcup. Instead… I ended up performing in a quite different field! “