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A true force of nature

An extraordinary woman was born in Milan in 1974 and was destined to leave her mark. As a child full of joy and curiosity, she began immediately to dance on the notes of life between art and ballet, turning her inability as a drive to reach her goal.
It is precisely in her many passions that her boundless desire to live, the need for freedom and overcoming her limits, that she clarifies: “are only in the eyes of those who see them”. Her life, day after day, is a lesson for those who hide behind difficulty of simple obstacles. “Granting every passion” is her motto, which is why she became a well-respected and great dancer. She has been dancing at the Sanremo Festival and at the opening of the Paralympics in Turin. She has published several books for Mondadori and exhibits her paintings, created with the use of her feet, in various galleries around the world.



“I never had any doubts: my dream was to twirl, even without wings and with my feet on the ground. This is why I realized my dream: to become a dancer.”