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Great man, great mission

Judging by the photograph of our young and friendly reader, we can say that he began to take an interest in the world and its many facets from an early age. Coming from a family of art lovers, one of the largest private collectors in Switzerland, he chose his professional path in a different but equally exciting environment. For over 30 years he has held prestigious roles in the important sector of pharmaceuticals, where he built a career full of successes. His mission on the subject of health and well-being of people makes him a protagonist even outside of his profession, thanks to his philanthropic commitment. Founder and president of the “Nuovo Fiore in Africa” Foundation, which promotes education in African countries, he is also constantly committed to supporting cultural, artistic and social events as much as the international research against cancer.



“When I was little, I didn’t miss any of the Apollo missions on TV. Of course, my dream was to go to space. Today, new technologies give me great hope that this can happen.”