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Love makes us strong

Love management: it is not a figure of speech but the concept that today inspires humanly and professionally our former child with an explosion of curls and energy. The great results achieved in the field of coaching and training, certainly derive from an uncommon stubbornness and an approach to a bright life. But the long years of sport and fatigue, of marathons and cycling have played a fundamental role for her to always be ready to fight and try to become stronger internally and physically. In fact, she has become a successful woman who can pride herself of having published many books, get a degree in economics and commerce and also professional experiences in the United States.
For her, mind and body are meant to be in balance. Her extensive resume is a simple proof of physical achievements, amongst which the walk of the Camino de Santiago and other activities such as triathlon, kitesurfing, mountaineering and climbing.



“As a child I was frail and light, I seemed destined to be a dancer. On New Year’s Eve, one of my passions was to watch the famous concert on TV and dream of being on that stage dancing.”